GET Quote

GetQuote() provides a quote for a specific itinerary, for a specific business, check in and check out dates, for a specific unit or unit group, if that itinerary is available.  

Note: Units that are not set up in unit groups will not be available for quotes or reservations.


    business_id (64 bit integer) 
        the property's unique id
    unit_id (32 bit integer)
        the unit's unique id
    unit_group_id (32 bit integer)
        the unit group's unique id.  Exactly one of unit_id and unit_group_id must be specified
    check_in (date YYYY-MM-dd)
        the check in date of the requested itinerary
    check_out (date YYYY-MM-dd)
        the check out date of the requested itinerary
    num_adults (32 bit integer - optional)
        the number of adults for the requested itinerary.  If not specified, double occupancy (2) will be assumed


>curl --user username:accesskey ""


     response_errors (See Response Errors)
     pricing type (enum)
         The type of quote generated
     rate_adjustment (string)
        the amount or percentage that the property increases or decreases rates by globally for your channel*
    check_in (date)
        the check in date for the quote
    check_out (date)
        the check out date for the quote
    available (char)
        "Y" if the quote is available, "N" otherwise        
     taxes (decimal)
        the taxes on the quoted itinerary
     fees (decimal)
        the fees on the quoted itinerary
     unit_id (64 bit integer)
        the unit id of the unit quoted
    unit_group_id (64 bit integer)
        the unit group id of the unit quoted.  Exactly one of unit_id and unit_group_id should be included, depending on how the quote was requested
    booking_link (string)
        a direct link to the property's PMS for this quote.  This is for comparison only.  Partners should use the AddReservation() endpoint
    currency (string)
        the three letter currency code for the currency used to generate the quote (i.e. "USD")
    occupancy (32 bit integer)
        the number of guests the quote was generated for
    rate_for_date_list (list of objects)
        one or more date-rate objects, detailing the rate calculated for each date in the itinerary

*This field is only available to partners who act as resellers and do not display booking rates directly to guests, and is hidden by default. Please contact us if you believe you qualify to receive this information


     "pricing_type": "DirectQuote",
     "check_in": "2022-02-10",
     "check_out": "2022-02-13",
     "available": "Y",
     "base_rate": 300.0000,
     "taxes": 0.0,
     "fees": 0.0,
     "unit_id": 27795,
     "unit_group_id": 0,
     "booking_link": "",
     "currency": "USD",
     "occupancy": 2,
     "rate_for_date_list": [
                 "Rate": 100.0000,
                 "ResDate": "2022-02-10"
                 "Rate": 100.0000,
                 "ResDate": "2022-02-11"
                 "Rate": 100.0000,
                 "ResDate": "2022-02-12"
     "response_errors": []


The credentials supplied are incorrect or you do not have access to this resource
Something went wrong (Internal Server Error)
    Server in maintenance mode


>curl --user aBadUserName:SomePasskey "https://www.availabilityexchange/gateway/getquote"

Authorization Failed