How Does Availability Exchange Work?

Availability Exchange is an API that allows partners to integrate their systems with ResNexus to query availability, rates and make reservations on our client properties. The purpose of the API is to provide a unified integration and ease technical burdens often associated with trying to connect one system to another. Our partners get access to hundreds of properties, and our properties need only configure a single channel for all partners using Availability Exchange.

For properties, you're basically set. Just make sure to follow the short instructions in Property Integration
For prospective partners, click the other tabs for more information, or REQUEST ACCESS to get started


  • If you don't already, contact your Red Carpet Professional to upgrade to a version of ResNexus that supports Availability Exchange
  • In the ResNexus back office, go to Settings->Availability Exchange
  • Ensure that, under Options, you are set to either Share my availability with all Availability Exchange subscribers or Only share my availability with the following
  • Make sure, if you are using Only share my availability with the following that all partners that you are working with are checked
  • Click the yellow SAVE button to save your changes


  • If you haven't already, request access below to the API via the REQUEST ACCESS form and get your connection credentials for the API
  • Test and implement your solution through the API against our sandbox properties
  • Work with your development contact to get certified on the API so you can work with production properties through the API
  • Reach out to interested properties and have them add your solution as a provider for reservations (See Property Integration for more details)
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Click below to gain access to thousands of properties!


Availability Exchange exposes the following endpoints :

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