Support Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to help! If you follow the troubleshooting steps below and are still unable to resolve the issue, please reach out to your designated technical contact for additional support. 
Q: Why is a business not showing up when the user says they have added the channel? 

A: There are a few troubleshooting steps that may resolve your issue. 
  • Verify the subscriber's business name in ResNexus matches the business you are looking for in your inventory 
  • Have the subscriber log into ResNexus, navigate to settings>Direct Connect and verify your channel name is in their list of added channels. 
  • Verify you are using good credentials and an approved IP address to make the call to the Availability Exchange API. 
  • Verify you're using your live connection credentials for access and not using sandbox credentials. 
Q: How can I help a user set up missing unit groups, and what are they used for? 

A: Unit groups are the way users select what inventory is shared with you, the partner. The master unit in the group defines what rates, minimum nights, descriptions, and images are shared for that group, so only similar units should be grouped together. It is common to see groups configured with one unit per group. 

To set up unit groups, direct the user to: 
  • Sign into your ResNexus back office and navigate to the settings page
  • Select Direct Connect
  • Select on the channel name
  • Select Groups in the right hand menu
  • Select Create Group - Enter the group name, which will be shared with the OTA and may be used for display on their site.
  • Save the unit group. Repeat this process until all desired units are grouped.*

*Please note that there are many cases where the user will not want to share availability of all their units with your OTA

Q: Why did a reservation go through to ResNexus with different rates than the user expected? 

A: Verify you (the Partner) did not send over a rate override for the reservation.

Another common culprit for this issue is the user may have incorrectly configured their unit groups. Reservations made for a unit group will use the rate for that group, regardless of which unit is reserved. Have the user review their groups, looking for any units with rates varying from the rates of the master unit in the group. Direct the user to adjust their groups accordingly. 

If this is not the issue, direct the subscriber to review their channel rate adjustments as well as look for any yield management rules in ResNexus. If these do not explain the discrepancy, we recommend directing them to the ResNexus Support team to review rate and group configurations to find the issue. 
Q: Why are some unit groups missing when trying to get availability? 

A: Unit groups with no availability will not be returned at all when querying for availability. 
Q: Why did a reservation fail to go over to ResNexus? 

A:  In most cases, an error was returned to your request to create the reservation, or the request did not go through as expected. Verify you got a response from Availability Exchange, and check for errors returned in that response. If you did not get any response, the request never made it to Availability Exchange. 
Q: Why don't the rates/availability match the user's direct booking engine? 

A: ResNexus users are able to customize the information they share with partners. Among other settings, users can choose what inventory they want to share, what their rates will be on the partner site, and set different availability rules from their booking engine. Please note that the Availability Exchange API is the source of truth for your connection, and information should not be verified against the user's direct booking engine. 
Q: Why is a unit showing as available, but when I get a quote is is no longer available and cannot be booked? 

A: When requesting a unit or unit group's availability, any units that are not booked or blocked will be returned as available. However, when getting a quote or creating a reservation, there are additional factors that will be checked. This includes things such as minimum night requirements. The quote has the most complete and accurate information.