API Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I attempted to use my credentials to access the API but am receiving an error

A. Most often we are returning an error because the IP address the requests are coming from hasn't been added to the approved list.To fix this issue, send an email to info@availabilityexchange.com with the IP addresses you have approved for both sandbox & production
Q. How do I get property level information?

A. Currently the API does not provide property level information and was designed to provide Availability, Rates, and Inventory (ARI) information at the unit level. The only property level information shared is the property name, address, and phone number. Partners should be prepared to collect and maintain property level information directly from the property managers if that information is necessary for your site. 
Q. What is the difference between a unit and a unit_group?

A. A unit_group is a group of one or more units. Each unit in a unit_group has similar amenities and identical rates.

A unit is an individual room or site at a property and can exist in zero or one unit_group

If you send an AddReservation request using a unit_group_id it will add a reservation for one of the available units within that unit_group.
If you Send an AddReservation request using a unit_id it will add a reservation for that specific unit.
Each request should include only one unit_group_id or one unit_id

The GetQuote request will provide a quote for a specific itinerary, either for a unit_group or a unit depending on which id was provided.

All properties will have unit groups configured to share their inventory with your channel. The most common configuration is a one unit to a group configuration.
Q. Can I get a ResNexus test account to configure different settings and scenarios myself? 

A. We currently don't provide an environment for partners to modify property and unit configurations. If you have something you would like to adjust on the test accounts, please reach out and we will adjust it for you.
Q. What happens once we're ready to connect with a new ResNexus customer? Will they be added in as another business under GetBusinesses automatically or will we have to do a separate API call?

A. When a ResNexus subscriber adds a channel they will automatically appear in the GetBusinesses call as a business. If for any reason they choose to disconnect and remove you as a channel, they will no longer appear in the GetBusinesses call and referencing the business id in other calls will no longer work.
Q. If a booking is confirmed on the channel at a lower price than the price pushed from Resnexus, will Resnexus allow that booking to be confirmed on the channel? Will it allow the channel to return the new price and data back to Resnexus?

A. The reservation message allows you to set your own price (quote.base_rate). The current room price is only used if the quote is not included, or the quote does not have the base_rate set. 
Q. Is it possible to import listings from the channel to Resnexus?

A. We do not have a way to import listings into ResNexus. Each listing would need to be created by the hotel before linking it to the channel. In most cases, these listings are already configured, as this is completed with the ResNexus system setup.
Q. If a photo or description change is made in ResNexus, will the channel get the updated information?

A. Each time you call GetUnitGroups or GetUnits, you will receive the current description and image urls. 
Q. How soon does ResNexus certify us? What are the options for testing once we're certified?

A. When you feel your development is complete and you have exercised the API, please request a meeting with your development contact to review your implementation and request certification. As long as there are no issues found with your implementation after reviewing reservations that have been made and canceled via the API, and you have provided the required logo and channel info page content, certification itself typically only takes a few days. Following certification, live test properties will be added in order to complete the trial period prior to the connection going live. 
Q. How quickly will new businesses appear in the GetBusinesses call after they have added me as a channel

A. The business will appear in the GetBusinesses call immediately after the channel has been added in the back office. 
Q. Why is the price I received from the GetQuote endpoint different from the price on the booking engine for the same itinerary?

A. There are a number of reasons why the Availability Exchange Gateway API (AE) would return a value other than the price shown in our booking engine. In general, the conflicts arise from AE having a simple occupancy based pricing system as opposed to the booking engine's itinerary based system. The most common specific causes for these differences are:

1. The property may choose to adjust the rates they are sending to OTA channels and partners.
2. The property has set up sliding rates.

Sliding rates adjust the price of an itinerary automatically based on a number of predefined criteria. Sliding rates are a ResNexus specific feature and we currently don't provide the adjustments to OTA channels or AE Partners. About 15% of our properties currently use sliding rates.