GET Businesses

GetBusinesses() provides a list of businesses with their unique IDs and contact information. The businesses in the list have either granted blanket permission for platforms to query their information, or have granted specific permission to the authenticated user/platform.


    business_id (CSV long int - optional) - if specified, only the information for the provided business_ids will be provided in the response


>curl --user username:accesskey ""


response_errors (See Response Errors)
businesses (list of objects)
    business_id (long int)
        the unique identifier for the business
    name (string)
        the business name
    address (string)
        the business physical address
    address_street1 (string)
        line one of the business street address
    address_street2 (string)
        line two of the business street address
    address_city (string)
        the city of the business address
    address_state (string)
        the state of the business address
    address_country_id (int)
        the internal country id of the business address.  This is provided for informational purposes.  '236' is the United States
    phone (string)
        the business main phone number*
    email (string)
        the business main email address*
    currency (string)
        the 3-letter currency code (i.e. "USD")
    accepting_reservations (boolean)
        this field indicates whether or not the property is accepting reservations directly through AE gateway.  If it is false, use GetBookingLink() to get a link to the property's reservation software to make a reservation
   rate_adjustment (string)
        the amount or percentage that the property increases or decreases rates by globally for your channel**
   industry_flags (CSV list of ENUM values)
        this field is a list of different types that apply to the property.  Consider these values when making reservations.  You would not want to try to reserve a campsite at a bed and breakfast.

*This field is only populated if the property has specifically accepted your business. Properties that have selected 'share all' will return an empty string here.
**This field is only available to partners who act as resellers and do not display booking rates directly to guests, and is hidden by default. Please contact us if you believe you qualify to receive this information


    "response_errors": [],
            "business_id": 16609,
            "name": "Hotel Sample - Bed and Breakfast",
            "address": "500 Main Street",
            "address_street1": "500 Main Street",
            "address_street2": "",
            "address_city": "Orem",
            "address_state": "UT",
            "address_post_code": "84057-123",
            "address_country_id": "236",
            "phone": "234-555-8868",
            "email": "",
            "currency": "USD",
            "accepting_reservations": true,
            "rate_adjustment": "10.000",
            "industry_flags": "BED_AND_BREAKFAST, RESTAURANT"
          "business_id": 14,
          "name": "Hotel Sample2 - Bed and Breakfast",
          "address": "500 Main Street",
          "phone": "234-555-8868",
          "email": "",
          "currency": "USD",
          "accepting_reservations": false,
          "rate_adjustment": "6.000%",
          "industry_flags": "BED_AND_BREAKFAST"


The credentials supplied are incorrect or you do not have access to this resource
Something went wrong (Internal Server Error)
    Server in maintenance mode


>curl --user aBadUserName:SomePasskey "https://www.availabilityexchange/gateway/getbusinesses"

Authorization Failed