API Change Log

 2022-08-15 - Added the new API call: GetAllAvailability. This allows queries for stays. Given a date range and number of adults, it will return what units/groups are available, and what the rate is.
2022-04-06 - Added rate_adjustment to GetRates(), GetQuote(), GetBusinesses().  This field is only available to partners who act as resellers and do not display booking rates directly to guests, and is hidden by default. Please contact us if you believe you qualify to receive this information
2022-02-08 - Added unit_id to the request and image_urls to the response of GetUnits()
2021-12-07 - Added site_length, unit_type, site_amps and site_features to GetUnits()
2021-12-01 - Added ability to specify a base rate in a quote for AddReservation() and ModifyReservation() for use with promotions, etc
                     - Added unit_group_id for to unit, rates and availability responses for units that are part of a group
2021-10-27 - Added AddReservation(), ModifyReservation() and CancelReservation()
2021-10-05 - Added multiple ID support to GetRates() and GetAvailability() endpoints, business_id argument to GetBusinesses()
2021-09-27 - Added GetLowestRate() endpoint
2021-09-13 - Added GetUnitGroups() endpoint, added support for unit_group_id for other end points
2021-08-26 - Initial alpha release of API with GetUnits(), GetBusinesses(), GetBookingLink(), GetRates(), GetAvailability()